Why You Should Sell Your Saint Louis House AS-IS to an Investment Company

Why You Should Sell Your Saint Louis House AS-IS to an Investment Company

When looking to sell your Saint Louis home fast for cash, the usual step you take would be to either place it on the market for sale or engage the services of a real estate agent to help you sell the house. 

However, trust me, this can take a very long time as the process can become drawn out. Before you even get your money, it can take a long time which would leave you frustrated. 

However, you do not have to go through this long and frustrating process. Starting Point Real Estate is an investment cash home buyer who buys houses in Saint Louis and the best part is that we pay in cash. 

This is quite different from using a real estate agent. At Starting Point Real Estate, our mode of operation is designed to suit the needs and demands of the seller. We move at the speed the seller dictates, if you want the sale of your home to be completed within a week or two, we are good to go. 


Our Mode of Operation at Starting Point Real Estate

The way we operate is quite easy and straightforward, all we require from you is that you contact us. When you contact us, we ask you the necessary details about the home you wish to sell, after enquiring about the necessary information. If it meets our buying requirements, we instantly set up a date to come and inspect the house. 


The day of inspection depends on you, if you are available the same day, we can come to inspect it immediately. When the inspection is finished, we will immediately make you an offer. The ball is then in your court, as soon as you accept our deal, the sale would be finalized in a few days. Both parties will meet to sign the necessary paperwork and then you will get your cash immediately. 


That is all it takes, very easy and fast. 


Why You Should Sell Your Saint Louis House To Starting Point Real Estate 

  • We Buy Your House AS-IS: Before you can place your house on the market for sale or even retain the services of a real estate agent, you have to make it habitable and renovate it to a particular level and standard. 


When you make the necessary repairs and renovations, only then will you be able to sell the house. You also have to clean the house and move out your properties so that the next owner can move in with ease. All these will take time and will also cause you to incur expenses that you have not planned for. 


However, with Starting Point Real Estate, you do not need to make any repairs or renovations to your home. Even if it is damaged, we will buy it just as it is, we buy houses in any kind of condition. You do not even need to clean the house, all you need do is move your personal belongings which we can even help with. 


Selling your Saint Louis home to Starting Point Real Estate will help save you from unexpected expenses. Selling to us will also save you from the unnecessary delays usually associated with selling homes. 

  • We Finalize Deals Quickly: One of our strengths is being able to conclude deals as soon as possible. When you contact us, we will inquire how fast you want the deal completed. We move at the pace demanded by the seller. The entire sale process can be fast-tracked if you so wish. 


Our mode of operation makes the sale go smoothly without any hitch. On contacting us, you can rest assured that we will make you our top priority until the sale is completed. 

  • We Pay in Cash: Starting Point Real Estate is a cash home buyer, we live up to our reputation by ensuring we pay in cash. Also, you need not worry that your money would be delayed. Unlike others, we don’t just seek financing after the house owner has accepted the offer. 


We already have the money at our beck and call. So as soon as you accept a top offer, we are also ready to pay. No delays, just sign the necessary paperwork and you get your money in cash. 

  • We do not Collect Commissions or Fees: Another reason to choose Starting Point Real Estate is that we do not deduct any fee, commission, or percentage from the sale price, neither do we charge you any fee. This is unlike when you use a real estate agent, you have to pay him a fee or commission. This usually comes from the sale price of the house. 


However, with Starting Point Real Estate, you get paid in full without any deductions. 

  • Distressed Sale: Distressed sale is when a person has to sell a house and get the money immediately to be able to move on from a precarious situation. It may be a divorce, a foreclosure, relocation, or a bad financial situation. When in this situation, it is important that you can sell your house as soon as possible without any hitch or delay. 


Distress sale is one of our areas of specialization, we fast track a distress sale and ensure that the sale is completed within the shortest time possible. This is to enable the seller to salvage his financial situation or move on to the next phase in life. 

  • Our Team of Expert Professionals: At  Starting Point Real Estate, we have a team of expert professionals who will walk you through every step of the sales process. You need not worry as you are one very good hand. We will be with you to guide you through every step till the sale is completed. 




It is never easy to sell a home, you may have strong ties with the home,  make it a less stressful experience by contacting us at Starting Point Real Estate. 


Are you looking to sell that house in Saint Louis quickly so that you can relocate and move on to the next phase in life, you can do no better than Starting Point Real Estate, we make the sale of homes easy as ABC.