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We buy houses St Louis and we believe there’s probably nothing as good as cash-in-hand, especially when it comes to a house sale. While traditional home sales involve long and tedious processes involving listings, renovations, home showings, and lots of paperwork. Whenever you’re in a time crunch and wish to get your home out of your hands in the shortest time possible, selling to a cash home buyer makes perfect sense.


We Buy Houses St Louis And Can Help Homeowners In The Following Situations:



A separation or divorce process can be emotionally and financially draining, especially for spouses who co-own property. In most cases, divorcing spouses may not agree on what to do with their marital home. Normally, it is unlikely that one spouse will maintain the home on their own, and most couples find it favorable to sell it and divide the proceeds or use them to pay off their creditors.


We understand the many personal and complex situations surrounding a home sale during a divorce. We offer such homeowners a solution to settle the matter of the family home quickly. In this situation many just want to “sell my house fast St louis” for cash can help you focus on other matters in the divorce process while getting cash for the home sale.    


Homes in Foreclosure

Home owners who fall behind in their agreed-upon mortgage payments are usually at a risk of facing foreclosure. In cases of foreclosure, the lender seizes the property and sells it to recoup some of its losses. As a result, the homeowner will lose their property as well as any equity on the property.


While you might end up losing your home, selling it to a cash home buyer like Starting Point Real Estate can help you salvage your credit score. By getting cash for your home, you can pay off most of what is owed to the lender. You end up losing your home and equity on the home, but you get the chance to secure another mortgage and buy another home.


Job Transfers

Whenever your employer transfers you to another city or state, you may be left with no choice but sell your current home and relocate to your new area of work. In such cases, employees are afforded little time to get their transfer and relocation in order, and selling their current home fast might be a big mountain to climb.


Turning to a cash home buyer can help get the house out of your hands in a job transfer situation and get cash for the sale. If you had an unpaid loan on the house, you can use the proceeds of the sale to complete the payment and relocate with ease.


Vacant Homes

Vacant homes may not necessarily be unwanted homes, but they become less inhabitable if they are not occupied for a long time. The long periods of vacancy often take a toll on the condition of such homes, and it is not uncommon to spot roof leakages, foundation issues, and worn-out paint on the walls to be found during home inspections.


While renovating and listing such homes may be an option if you wish to sell, it may not always be the best strategy for your finances. Selling your vacant home to a cash home buyer ensures that you skip the renovations and receive most of the home’s value in cash. At Starting Point Real Estate, we buy houses St Louis and can help get your vacant house off your hands by making you a fair, all-cash offer.


Evicting Tenants

Most landlords will encounter a troublesome tenant at one point in their life. Evicting such tenants may take the legal route, which could be long and draining to the homeowner. An easy way to deal with such tenants is putting up the house for sale and notifying them beforehand.

Whenever you want to evict a troublesome tenant, time is definitely of essence and a traditional home sale may not be the best option. Selling to a cash home buyer helps quicken the sale process of your house and get cash on the sale. We buy houses St Louis and can help you deal with troublesome tenants by buying your house and closing in as little as one week.


Expired Listings

Homeowners who sign a listing agreement with a seller or broker are usually upbeat that their house will sell within the agreed-upon time of listing. However, this isn’t always the case for most house sales, and homeowners are left disappointed whenever they don’t receive an offer for their houses.


Expired listings means that homeowners have to stay longer on the market and still part ways with a portion of the home sale proceeds as commission whenever the sale goes through. Selling your house to a cash home buyer means that you don’t have to list your home and that you avoid any commissions and fees on your home sale.


We Buy Houses St Louis For Cash


Whether you’re dealing with foreclosure, divorce, job transfer or want to sell your vacant house, selling to a cash home buyer means that you skip any renovations and repairs, spend less time on the market and get cash for your house in as little as a week. At Starting Point Real Estate, we buy houses St Louis and can help you in any of these situations.