Sell Your St. Louis Home Fast And Without Hassle: We Buy Houses St.Louis

We Buy Houses St. Louis

For those who want to sell their property quickly, you can have a fair cash offer for your house and close in just a few days. We buy houses St Louis and the surrounding areas. So, if you’re in an urgent situation and want help to sell your home fast, we can always help! We’ve gained extensive experience buying properties in St. Louis. 

Over the years, we’ve helped lots of men and women from all across St. Louis completely do away with the stress that comes with selling their home. If you wish to sell fast, without the hassle of incurring closing costs or hefty realtor fees – and you don’t want to have to undergo the long period of waiting to see whether you can get a buyer – we can provide you with a fair-market, cash offer for your property. 

Typically, we can close in less than two weeks, and we won’t require you to do any renovations, touch-ups, repairs, or anything to that property. In other words, we will take it as is! Generally speaking, we’re in the business of eliminating the stress out of selling a property. Our expertise allows us to understand the pressure most property owners are enduring during this time. Undoubtedly, we’ll work to make this a smooth, simple, and mutually beneficial experience.

Are You Experiencing An “Unusual” Housing Situation?

Are you facing a divorce? Job transfer? Loss? Can’t keep up with your payments? Are you always finding yourself saying that you need to sell your home quickly? The fact remains that most property owners find themselves in these “unusual” situations with a home that they have to liquidate fast. 


In our many years of buying homes, we’ve bought properties that had doors falling off hinges, peeling paint, and even properties where squatters had started living. What’s more, we’ve bought lots of homes that were in great shape! Generally, the point is that the house’s condition simply doesn’t matter; that’s right, we buy houses St Louis as is! We can provide you with a fair, market-based price for your home and even help you with your specific “problem property.” 

In case you’re like a majority of property owners we have helped, the last thing you want to deal with is hefty realtors fees, long waiting periods, and a long, painful process to get a buyer for your home. And what if you can skip the long, frustrating process of allowing lots of strangers in your home in the hopes they could give you the best offer?

Imagine keeping 100% of the house’s sales price, instead of incurring anywhere between 6% to10% in closing costs. So, instead of having to pay title fees, realtor’s fees, renovations, and repairs, you can pay nothing and let us make you a decent cash offer for your particular property. Since we only give fair-market offers, it is rare to find homeowners bringing any cash to closing. 

What Sort of Scenarios Can We Help With? 

We’ve generally helped different property owners to sell their home fast for a fair cash offer. So, regardless of how unique your particular situation is, we always have team members who are well-trained to understand the overall sensitive nature of selling a house fast and compassionately. 

There are many scenarios that we can help with: tired landlord, financial circumstances, problem property, major lifestyle change, etc. We generally make the entire home-buying process easy by giving you cash for your house as it sits. 

You won’t need to:

– Clean up and/or repair the house

– Waste your valuable time finding a trustworthy and reliable agent

– Deal with the paperwork, the waiting, and the stress

– Sign a contract that binds you to that agent for a specific term


When We Buy Houses St Louis, We Only Make Fair Cash Offers!

As aforementioned, we buy houses in any situation or condition. We genuinely believe in treating homeowners with respect and dignity, particularly during a time that is usually very emotional. In our company, we have lots of employees who have wide experience in purchasing and selling houses in St. Louis. For this reason, we never believe in “low-balling.” 

Once you decide to sell your house to us, we’ll perform a thorough assessment of your property and present you with a fair-market value offer according to comparable homes in a similar condition to yours. Essentially, we always dedicate ourselves to make you a decent offer that entirely takes care of the loan on the house so that you can walk away with no more obligation. 

Mostly, homeowners leave with cash in their hands. In some rare cases, homeowners might be upside down on their loans. In such scenarios, we’ll usually work with you as we take over the payment and help you get out of the property. When we buy your St. Louis home, you’ll ultimately save a great deal of time, money, and stress. 

Why Do We Want To Purchase Your St. Louis Home?

We’re generally a local company that deals with renovating distressed houses and turning them into clean and safe rental housing for the local community. We often make our money from the negotiated discounts with our contractors, and never from low-balling homeowners. Literally, there’s no risk to you if you request a cash offer. 

Usually, we’ll take a close look at your particular property. Using our extensive experience in the industry, provide you with a clear picture of what it is actually worth and what renovations and inspection-related items will be involved. You won’t sign an agreement with us for the free consultation. 

Apart from having no obligation, this isn’t a high-pressure sales environment. Each of our representatives is highly experienced in purchasing and selling property in St. Louis. Since we have gained extensive experience renovating houses, we usually look to anticipate to turn them into rental properties. That means that we aren’t making our profit from flipping your house. Instead, we’re renovating it and offering healthy, safe housing for the community at an affordable rent.

Most “we buy houses for cash” companies seek a cheap opportunity to purchase your house for much less than market value only to turn it around and flip it. In most cases, they rely on negotiating you down to significantly lower prices than you want to sell to maintain their profit margin.

Why Should You Sell You Property To Us? Selling Quickly With a Cash Offer vs., The Traditional Method

If you decide to sell your house via the traditional method, you first have to prepare it for listing. In general, this might mean bringing the home up to date on taxes, taking care of all outstanding work permits, or giving the house a facelift. 

Afterward, you will have to go through the entire process of showing the house and getting buyers. It could even be months of different people coming into the house at unexpected times to view the property, and in the end, you might not get a buyer if the house can’t be regarded “perfect.” 

In case you do get a buyer, it would averagely take 50 days to close on the home (according to NREA). What’s more, we can all agree that home transactions are usually notorious for falling through to the last minute. And this is just the time involved.

In addition, you have to incur an average of 6-10% of the home’s sales price in closing costs. Apart from the closing costs, you’ll still have to be concerned about all the other small incidental charges that slowly add up. Things such as the cost of holding onto the house for the actual time it takes to sell. Perhaps the legal fees might be associated with some complicated property sale (such as inheritance or estate sale). There is also the utilities and repairs that buyers usually request you to perform before they can take the property.

All of these costs could increase to thousands of dollars and waste away the home’s equity. Once we make you an offer, you will always keep 100% of the actual sale price. But if you choose the traditional method, you’ll keep around 85-87% of the actual sales price. 

Here’s a summary of what you should expect when selling to us:

– Quick closing and no closing costs

– Fast cash offer to purchase your home or multi-unit property

– No commissions, or any hidden charges

– No lengthy and expensive repairs and inspections

– Courteous and attentive service

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Since we buy houses St Louis as is, we can end the frustration of your unwanted property. You’ll have no risk of requesting a cash offer. After taking a good look at the details, we’ll get on the phone with you to answer some detailed questions. Afterward, we will make you a decent cash offer for your particular property. Upon agreement, we will promptly schedule a member of our skilled team to visit and verify the actual condition of the property. We’ll then proceed to close and pay you cash on your desired date!