Do you want to sell your home fast? Do you have a niggling emergency that needs some cash and seem to be short of options? Well, selling your home should not be complicated as you might think since we have the perfect option for homeowners to get money for their houses real quick.

We buy houses St Charles has fast and make sure that you get the correct amount of money within a short time. It is undeniable that you have a couple of options to look out to when selling your home but doing it through us is beneficial. Here are some of the benefits you get;


Here at starting Point RE, we promise to get your home sold within a couple of days. Usually, it takes weeks or even months to get a house sold, but we are doing away with that.

We manage to do that since we are not real estate agents who will go and list your home and then wait for a potential customer to pass by before we can start with the negotiations and hefty home inspections.

We have a pool of cash ready and will buy your home once it has passed our criteria within a few days. You are probably a busy person who has other things to get on with and would not want to waste a lot of your time on the house selling procedures.

No Cost.

It is evident that most of amazing deals you will come across today have a catch. You might look at our procedure here and think that we will charge you hefty commissions at the end of it all. Well, you are entirely wrong, and there are no strings attached to our process. We just help you to get cash for your home, and after that, we will part ways happily.

Contacting a real estate agent will cost you some money as well as going through the paperwork involved in transferring the ownership of a home once you find a buyer. At Starting Point RE, we don’t charge clients a single cent, and all you have to do is to relax and wait for your cash at the end of the deal. You won’t be required to repair your home or upgrade it since we buy houses St Charles on as-is basis.

Straightforward Procedure.

Most of the conventional ways of selling homes are filled with complex procedures that are best understood by real estate agents.

Well, ours is very straightforward, and it might seem to be too good to be true. All you have to do is to reach out to use when you want to sell your home and give us a few details about it.

We will schedule a visit to check it out and inspect a few things before coming up with an offer based on the value of the house.

Once the proposal is presented to you, you can either accept or deny it as you are not obliged to anything. If you accept it, we will go ahead and finalize the paperwork, and you will get your whole amount in cash after a day or two. How simpler can it get?

Some of the benefits of selling your home through Starting Point RE have been highlighted, and you should reach out to us if you have one that needs to be sold.