The process of selling a home can be an arduous and time consuming one. From the initial appraisal to the thousands of dollars incurred for repair and maintenance to get the property in shape, the task is not only expensive but also stressful.

While real estate agents can take the hard work off your shoulders, they often come at a steep fee, and you will not even see your property sell in few months or even a year.

If just want the selling process to be over with, we buy houses Springfield Metro companies like us are here to help.

We Buy Houses Springfield Metro

We can efficiently and quickly give you hard cash for your property, usually under a week. This can free up time for to find a new house, relocate and move on with your life.

At Starting Point Re, we understand that your life doesn’t revolve around selling the property and that you have better things to do than obsess over finding the best owner for your house. That is why we are here to help you move on quickly and turn your property into quick cash.

We Buy Houses Springfield Metro- How the Process Works

Our process is pretty simple, and we give you the control and flexibility of the sale. Here is how we go about it:

Step 1

Fill out our seller form so that we can get the address of the property as well as your contact information. All information is secure and confidential.

Our team will contact you in a few hours to learn more about your situation, selling goals and also to set up an appointment to view the house. The consultation is free, and there’s no obligation.

Step 2

During the showing, we will make a cash offer right on the spot, but we also have other creative buying solutions.

If we both agree on a price and terms that work for both parties, we will sign a purchase and sale agreement to buy the house with a closing date of your liking.

Step 3

Our experts will take the signed document to a local and reputed title firm with a licensed attorney in order to process the legal paperwork. Our team will handle any issues such as title issues, hurdles to closing, etc., in order to make the sale process as seamless as possible for you.

Step 4

Once the paperwork is processed, we will meet at the closing date of your choosing. We sign the documents and give you the money either in cash or check format. From there, you can bid your stressful real estate situation goodbye.

Selling your Home in Springfield Metro can be fast and Easy

We are a professional team that specializes in purchasing houses in cash and in the shortest time possible. Unlike realtors, we do not list your home, so we are actually the ones purchasing from you.

The advantage is that we are able to close quickly, buy the house on an as-is basis and you do not have to pay commissions or incur repair and renovation costs. Contact us today and get a quote in no time!