We Buy Houses in Saint Louis

We Buy Houses In Saint Louis

We Buy Houses In Saint Louis so if your searching for who would buy your Saint Louis house might have proved quite difficult. Looking for a realtor or listing your real estate on the MLS is something you have probably considered or you have done. Well, look no further, we buy houses in St Louis.

You could be faced with any of the following

  • A divorce or separation from your partner
  • Foreclosure on your property
  • Bankruptcy
  • Need to get rid of an old inherited property or a family home
  • Need to move to another city or state because of a new job
  • Economic downtimes
  • Downsizing
  • Tax liens
  • Bad tenants that give you nightmares you need to escape from
  • Tired of that location and want to move to a new environment
  • Cannot afford to keep multiple properties and need to get rid of your St Louis home

These and so many more could be reasons why you have decided to sell your St Louis property and you are looking for who would buy the property. Starting Point Real Estate buys houses in St Louis. We help you move on with your life without stress and make sure you get enough funds to finance your next agenda.

Advantages of Selling to Starting Point Real Estate

  • We help you escape the need to spend cash on making repairs and fixing damages. We will buy your St Louis house in as-is condition. We don’t care about the location, the structure, design, or the beauty of the house. Starting Point Real Estate buys ugly houses. 

Fixing up the house and making it show-ready is not something you bother about when you sell your real estate to us.

  • No commissions or hidden charges. When you use realtors for the sale of your property, one thing to look out for is the cost of running this. It is usually expensive and at the end of the deal, you would have to pay commissions and other charges amounting to thousands of dollars to the realtor. 


Starting Point Real Estate helps you escape paying these commissions, as we will handle all costs of the selling process and you get to represent yourself, so no payment of any form of commissions.


  • A very little amount of paperwork is required with us, we want to make the process as stress-free as possible, hence no unnecessary paperwork usually associated with realtors.
  • Starting Point Real Estate assures you that the deal will be closed in the shortest time possible. We will give you an offer for your hours within hours of contacting us and close the deal in 7 days or even less, as you are the determinant of the timeline. We will close the deal on your timeline.


  • We Buy Houses Saint Louis and we are cash buyers and will buy your St Louis home for cash. We will give you cash, in full upfront as soon as the deal is closed.

Usually, with realtors, even when you back out of the deal, you are still under obligation to pay the commission, but with cash buyers, be rest assured that if for any reason whatsoever, you decide to back out on the deal, it would be at no cost whatsoever. We guarantee you a smooth, swift, and transparent transaction. We buy houses in St Louis, give us a call today.