we buy houses in Saint Louis

Do you intend to sell your house fast Saint Louis, very fast right? And how quick do you intend to get paid for your house? Let me guess; as quick as possible. We all love the luxury of stress-free and fast sales of our property. That is why Starting Point Real Estate is here for you because we buy houses in Saint Louis.


You would agree with me that selling a house in the competitive market of Saint Louis could be a bit hectic and time-consuming, and we are sure you don’t want that. It takes a lot of time to close a housing deal with prospective buyers these days. You would also agree with me that it takes more time if your house is in foreclosure, bankruptcy and old. The good news is none of these is a problem when you sell your house to us at Starting point real Estate.  We buy houses in Saint Louis and provide you with a fast and firm offer for your property. So do you own a house in Saint Louis and intend to sell it off, here are reasons why you should consider selling to us at Start Point Real Estate.


Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Saint Louis House To Us

  1. High level of professionalism 

Start Point Real Estate is built on a high level of professionalism and over 23 years of experience. In the past 23 years, we have closed over 2500 housing deals for people just like you. We don’t just buy houses from clients but we offer them a lifetime experience when selling off their house. Unlike other real estate channels of selling a house, we understand the real estate market more hence providing you with a fast sales of your house under any circumstance.


  1. We are cash buyers 

When you sell your house to us you are rest assured that you are selling your house to a cash buyer. This is because you get your cash payment in less than 5 days. Unlike using a realtor or an agent who has to list your house before selling your house. We are ready buyers, with a 5-day cash close for your house.

Realtors and agents make you wait years before closing your housing deal and paying you for your house. We pay instantly after closing the housing deal. Selling your house to us is more economical, because as cash house buyers we spare the expenses of evaluation fee, even though we would evaluate your property.


  1. A good way to avoid realtor commission 

We know how annoying it could be when you have to pay a realtor or an agent a certain percentage of your sales just for selling your house. This brings a shortage of real estate money. As a real estate company, we want you to have full value for the sales of your house because you deserve it. We want our clients to keep all their money to themselves without sharing it with any realtor.

Selling your house through a realtor attracts a 4 to 5 percent commission, known as a realtor fee. When you sell your house to us you get to skip this part of paying a realtor fee or a realtor commission. We pay you the full value for your house without any stress.  This is because unlike realtors we buy houses for ourselves and clients. We don’t have to go around looking for someone to buy your house.

At Starting Point, we offer alternatives to bankruptcy, foreclosure, inheritances issues without any commission. Realtors and agents cannot offer you this. 


  1. It is faster and stress-free

As a real estate company, we understand that the goal of our clients is to sell off their house fast and this is our topmost priority. We understand that you would love to sell your house without any form of stress from both buyers and realtors. This is one luxury that we offer our clients.

Using a realtor or an agent when selling your house does not guarantee this luxury. Many realtors and agents do not have a standing buyer hence have to source for buyers before selling your house. This causes a lot of delays, especially if you need to sell your house as fast as possible.  The wait could be stressful and annoying. This is why you need us, we can buy your house and make a cash payment in less than 10 days. 

With us, you don’t have to source for buyers because we are always ready to buy your house. Our procedures are stress-free and we buy your house with zero appraisal.


  1. No need for repairs

Is your house in bad condition, and you don’t want to repair it before selling? Are you afraid that you won’t get to sell your house fast because of those minor plumbing damages, wiring damages or even foundation damages? Well, you shouldn’t be, because Standing Point Real Estate would buy houses even with those damages. Whether your home is moved in ready or needs a full rehab we are ready to buy it any time and in any condition.

We can buy your house with those structural and cosmetics damages yet providing you with fast sales and cash payment service.  A realtor might need you to repair those damages before selling the house but we don’t require that of you.

We Buy Houses Saint Louis Whatever Their Condition

Standing Point Real Estate does not have a limitation on the kind of houses we buy. We buy houses Saint Louis and are open to buying various types of building in Saint Louis. We are open to buying both residential and commercial houses in various areas in Saint Louis

Whether you are going through a divorce, facing health challenges, got a new job and moving to a new country or you just need to sell your house fast, Stand Point Real Estate got you covered. Instead of going through the stress of selling your house through an agent, we offer to buy your house in any condition, without any evaluation fee nor a realtor fee.