If you own a home in St Charles and plan to sell it real soon, you should consider Starting Point Real Estate as your agent. We are a reputable real estate company, and we buy homes, St Charles.

Many people are often skeptical about choosing real estate agents because most of them are just after commissions. However, with Starting Point RE, the case is different.

We strive to make sure that you make your house sale in the shortest time possible and we will not charge any extra costs for the service.

We buy homes St Charles, and there are many reasons why you should choose us if you want to sell your home in St Charles.

We Buy Homes St Charles

Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

All Cash Offers:

At Starting Point RE, we are aware that you might need a quick fix for your financial troubles and that is why we are committed to providing an immediate solution.

And besides covering most of the traditional costs when buying your home in St Charles, we also pay cash for your home.

This means that you will not have to wait for lengthy bank approvals that many other real estate agents will subject you to.

Quick Closings:

Another reason why you should come to us in case you need to sell your home in St Charles is that we always offer quick closings when we buy homes St Charles.

We understand that you might be tied to a financial crisis so we will not delay the buying process.

After assessing your home, we shall provide you with an offer, and if you accept it, we shall work towards closing the deal in less than a week.

And when we say it is less than a week we mean it. We will not tie up your property and wait for another person to buy it.

We Buy As Is:

One of the greatest problems most homeowners have when it comes to selling their homes is the fact that their home might not be in the right condition for sale.

If you inspect your house and discover that it needs a massive overhaul, do not worry because we are ready to buy it as it is.

Even when your home is looking ugly or has a mold infestation, we will buy it in its current state and rescue you from your financial emergency.

Therefore, do not feel troubled by the fact that your house needs repainting because we shall buy it just as it is. Just call us today and get the purchase process started.

Best Buying Price

Most real estate agents know that most homeowners are looking to sell their homes because they desperately need some quick cash and will probably take advantage of the situation and buy your home at a low price.

At Starting Point RE, we always value our customers, and our intention is to give them the best market price for their home.

Our buying price is often arrived at after a keen evaluation of various aspects like the neighborhood and amount of repairs needed. Either way, our offer will be hard to resist!