St Charles is one of those locations that has a budding real estate market and there are numerous opportunities available for sellers looking to optimize their property. At Starting Point RE, we buy homes St Charles citizens have to offer and we make sure the deal is legitimate.

This includes assessing what a fair offer should be and ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. In our eyes, there’s nothing more important than establishing a positive rapport between both parties and making sure the client feels good about their offer. Let’s take a look at why we are the best.

Free Offers

Starting Point RE doesn’t charge money to come in and do a detailed assessment of the property. We will take the time to send in our best talent to assess what’s being sold (in any condition) and are going to provide a resolute cash offer that’s fair from all angles.

This is a big part of our vision and why we are respected in St Charles. The offer is going to come as soon as the assessment is done and we will take the time to explain how the offer is going to work over time. This includes listing out the various closing details if the offer is accepted.

No-Obligation Deals

Don’t want to be hassled as soon as the cash offer is made? We do not want our clients to feel rushed or hassled along the way and that’s something we pay attention to.

In our eyes, all properties have intrinsic value and it is something we are going to be willing to accept as soon as the offer is put out. No one is going to be rejected because we accept all types of properties in St Louis.

Our specialists are dedicated and will not rush the process as that is never ideal. Instead, we take the time to let the client make a decision and even consider other options available on the market. If it takes time to come up with a decision, we will always be waiting around to hear back from the seller. This is where we are the best in town!


We are not going to make the seller wait as soon as the offer has been expected. Our company has been in the business for years and recognize how important a timeline can be moving forward.

Property owners don’t want things stuck in limbo nor do we! This is why our team takes the opportunity to lay down a deadline and make sure things are done within seven days.

This includes the legal documents and anything else associated with getting things set in stone. At Starting Point RE, we put in the time to maximize the process because that’s important to us.

The days of waiting around and not being able to sell a property should be long gone. It’s time to sign up with Starting Point RE because we buy homes St Charles has to offer without a worry in the world.

Our vision is to be the ultimate option for sellers looking to strike a good deal and end up with cash in their hands.

Stop thinking about putting up a new listing and work with us to come up with a perfect deal as soon as possible at (314) 333-5555!