Say Goodbye To Trouble Tenants – Sell your St Louis House Fast to Starting Point

When selling homes, many property owners like you either choose to acquire the services of a realtor to help with the sale process or they simply sell their homes to cash buying companies with no property agents acting as a go-between. Each of these ways of selling houses has its own benefits. However, in this article, the focus will be on the top reasons why you should go for a cash house buying company as opposed to listing your property with a realtor.

For starters, you will get to keep all proceeds from your house sale all to yourself. Realtors usually act as a go-between between you and prospective buyers and in a sale and a reward for their efforts, they usually take a commission from what you earn in a house sale. Did you know that a realtor typically takes a cut of around 6% of what you earn a commission? Sounds a bit high and unfair considering you own the property, right? Well, with a cash home buyer, you get all the proceeds from your house sale deposited to your account and don’t have to part with a penny.

With a cash property buyer, you also get your money fast and quickly. You do not have to worry about trouble tenants who deposit their rent periodically (or even fail to do so) or buyers who are willing to finance the acquisition of your property through installments. If you find a cash buyer, you will agree on a price, the modalities for transferring property ownership, and then promptly get your money.

Selling your property to a cash buying entity is also safer. When selling your home through a realtor, you will have to let in multiple prospective buyers into your home so that they can inspect it. You will never truly know the intentions of the people coming into your property under the guise of seeing the property. Some people with malicious intentions may use the house viewing property as an opportunity to case the property with a view of committing crimes such as home invasion or robberies. It happens… There are many homeowners who have been through such harrowing circumstances. For most cash home buying companies, one inspection is usually enough. What’s more most of these companies do not actually require you to be present for the inspection. This ensures your safety.

You will also find that it is more convenient to sell your home for cash. Imagine being on the verge of foreclosure or in dire need of a liquid cash infusion… Should you choose to sell your property through an agent, you may not get the finances you need in a timely manner. This is because house sales by agents typically take a lot of time. Cash sales on the other hand are typically straightforward and simple.

Want to avoid the hassles of prepping your house so that it fits the bill and imagination of a prospective buyer? Sell to a cash buying entity. Realtors tend to show houses to multiple potential clients and this usually means fitting and prepping the house to the expectations of a buyer during each visit. With a cash buyer, you only have to prep your house once. This means less stress for you. Did I mention that you will also end up saving a lot of money that you would have otherwise used to staging your property for buyers?

Dealing with Starting Point Real Estate will also save you money on sprucing up your home. Most cash buying entities usually have plans on how they want to eventually use your property, and as such, they will not make outrageous and expensive renovation demands of you before buying a property. However, it is worth noting that you should always disclose any pending issues in your home that can impact the value of your home before accepting money for the sale of your property.

Having Starting Point Real Estate Buy your St Louis House for cash also saves you a lot of time and emotional distress. Dealing with a realtor means dealing with multiple potential clients who will also have their own personal issues. If you have trouble tenants who are already giving you constant headaches, it goes without saying that you do not want any more baggage on your plate. Should you find a company willing to purchase your home for cash, you will likely only deal with one individual throughout the entire sale process. Further, the process is guaranteed to be simple with the buying company handling all transaction paperwork and details. With a cash buying entity, you will most likely breeze through the sale of your home.

Selling your home for whatever reason should not be a stressful process, Sell your St Louis home fast for Cash contact Starting Point Real Estate cash home buying company, and enjoy an easy yet fulfilling sale process.