There’s no secret here- the better your credit score, the lower your mortgage rate and the easier it is to piggybankfinance your dream home. We’ve started researching tips for our readers on how they can start to manage their finances to get on the fast track to the “SOLD” sign of their dreams.

When asking some of our in-house techies about their favorite ways to manage their finances the overwhelming answer was Fast, free and most of all, safe this site lets your track to-the-dime expenditures letting you really see where your hard earned dollars are being spent. Mint allows you to develop your financial goals and then enables you to stick to them, while seeing areas you may be falling short or needing to “tighten the purse strings.”

Of course, our focus is real estate, so if your dream is to purchase a home, purchase rental properties or a vacation destination, mint shows you a direct path on getting their all while remaining within your budget. What we love about this: Mint is easily tailored to suit your needs and is virtually accessible anywhere your phone or other wireless device is. Thinking about eating out with the coworkers today? Check Mint to see how much you’ve spent on dining out this month and the implications those burritos might have on your bank account.

There are countless apps for managing your money, some like Money Desktop offer free investment advice; some are geared towards small business owners while others are FDIC insured “piggy banks” that also track your spending habits. Just remember that the key to your dream home lies in financial responsibility and with all of the readily available “finger wagging” apps there is no excuse not to remember to pay yourself first!