The difference between a ‘normal real estate entrepreneur’ and a ‘millionaire real estate investor’ is that a real estate entrepreneur tries to build their assets and look towards the future. While a millionaire real estate investor has built wealth through buying when real estate values are down, cash flowing then leveraging or selling when the values hit a high mark. Think it – See it – Believe it (or TSB)!

The following are great attributes for a successful real estate entrepreneur to possess:

    • Open minded, ‘outside of the box’ thinker
    • Optimistic
    • Hard-working
    • Determined
    • Fully committed
    • Financially savvy
    • Strong ability to network and market (not only yourself, but your business as well)
    • Know the current market conditions within your real estate investing area(s)
    • Be passionate about real estate
    • Never stop learning, have a thirst for knowledge
    • Have a plan!  Harvard study

“Warren Buffet would buy every single house on the market if it were logistically possible.” This just goes to show that the smart entrepreneurs invest in real estate and possess the mindset necessary to be successful in the business.

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