Are you a home owner in the Greater St. Louis Area? Have you realized that it’s time to sell but are wondering if you can afford to list your home the traditional way? All those fees and commissions could make it tough to get out of your property. We at Starting Point Real Estate will buy your St. Louis home fast….for cash.

2016 is going to be a brisk real estate market. lists the ten hottest real estate markets and St. Louis is #2! This is great news, but as many home owners know, property values have been depressed for years and now they are starting to see the recovery and better economic conditions. So while the market is improving, it may be tough to really capitalize it after closing costs and commissions. Why not sell your house fast for cash.

St Louis real estate market is moving faster than the US housing market overall. Higher prices and higher turnover will bring health to the real estate market. “Next year looks to be the best year St. Louis has had in quite some time,” says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for “We’ve been seeing strong demand in St. Louis, and if anything, it’s starting to heat up even more.”

In fact expects to see an increase of over 8% in single family home sales over 2015. The website goes on to predict that the median home sales prices will rise 10 percent. If you’ve been holding onto a property in the St. Louis Area, Starting Point Real Estate wants to talk with you about your home value. We are committed to buying your home quickly for cash.

The strong increase in prices for St. Louis area properties will spur more home owners to sell and try to capitalize on the recovery. The additional inventory will serve to level out the possible seller’s market and allow young buyers, Gen-X home buyers, to purchase. These are buyers who have struggled with jobs and stability over the past few years and are now ready to take advantage of the larger inventory of resale homes.

These buyers will have an increasing inventory to choose from….how will your home compare? Will your home be a top choice? Or perhaps you’ve put off some needed repairs, maintenance or updating. In which case, selling your St. Louis Area home for cash to an investor might help you realize the benefit of this stronger market, without making costly improvements and other out of pocket expenses.

Starting Point Real Estate would like to talk with you about your St. Louis Area property and how we can help you capitalize on this hot market. We are real estate experts and can close fast and buy your home for cash. Our real estate specialists are capable of handling all your real estate questions and concerns. We buy as-is properties in the St. Louis area and close fast.

Why should you consider using Starting Point Real Estate to sell your St. Louis home?

Even with the increasingly healthy market of the Greater St. Louis Area, you might still need to ready your home to meet the demand of higher inventory. As more and more sellers enter the market, buyers will have more choices and expect to find a home with all the latest in style trends. They also expect that the home will pass the home inspection with flying colors. If your home does not fit this description and would be considered an “as-is” property, we can help you avoid costly repairs and upgrades.

We will pay you cash for your home in its current condition. We buy your home for cash and usually within 7 days. You will have the cash you need and deserve for your St. Louis home faster than traditional home sales and save the money, time and hassle of repairs and/or updates.

Selling your home to Starting Point does not mean a lowball offer. We will evaluate your property and offer you a fair market value, for cash. You get cash for your property quickly and you can move with no out of pocket costs at all. We pay all closing costs and there are no real estate commissions. This can save you thousands of dollars compared to traditional listing contracts and sales.

If you’ve experienced the economic struggle of the past few years, you might be behind in your mortgage payments. Even with the promise of an increasingly hot St. Louis Real Estate market, selling a home the traditional way takes time. Time you might not have. If you are seriously delinquent, you risk losing any equity you might be gaining by a lengthy listing or sales process. Add to this the costs associated with closing costs, commissions, termite inspections, buyer requested repairs, and you may not even have the equity to sell. Certainly you will be incurring additional costs with each month the mortgage payment accumulates. We buy your home for cash and usually in 7 days. You pay no closing costs, no commission, no fees and no repairs.

We do all the work and you’ll have your cash quickly. St. Louis real estate is rebounding. Prices and activity are on the upswing. This reflects the economic recovery in the area. The good news is that hot real estate markets traditionally means rising home prices. expects St. Louis to see an increase of 10%. But with more activity comes more listings as well. More buyers searching for these homes and they will have more properties to choose from.

How does your home compare? Will your home be positioned in the new, hot St Louis housing market? Will buyers see your home as their top choice with the latest designer touches and styles? If not, you might linger on the market and lose out on any increase in value. Talk to us at Starting Point Real Estate. We will evaluate your home, offer you a fair market price, and pay you cash for your home and all without any costs on your end.

And we’ll close fast!