Starting Point Buys Alice’s Home Fast and For Cash

There are many investors and investment companies that use the catch phrase “We by Houses”with a purpose to generate business from home sellers. The bad news is that some buyers are tricked by less than honest investors who knew in the beginning what their goal was; to scam all along.

Read below for the experiences of real people in real situations. Starting Point can buy your home fast and for cash.

Although, there are many legitimate businesses of this sort it can be very difficult to distinguish between the good ones and the bad. If an offer is on the way, the home seller should perform their due diligence with not only the actual offer, but they should carefully research the buying entity as well. Intuition can be a good thing in these situations, but in a lot of cases you don’t need it. Some common sense should come to the rescue while noticing cues and clues. If the “we buy houses fast” investor says one thing but the offer says another… this should be a red flag. If they do not follow through on small things this should be a clue to how they handle the rest of their business dealings.

But what about the ones that do follow through? Maybe they are on top of every aspect of the transaction while providing professionalism and a high degree of customer service. At this point the seller should weigh the facts. In other words, look at the offer. Is what they are saying too good to be true? Really step in their shoes for a moment and ask…“ Can they really stay in business with this kind of offer? The fact is that some are good at what they do and they have a tactic to promise a “pie in the sky” offer but what ultimately happens is a… late in the game twist… that leaves some buyers with no choice but to submit to that investor who swipes the original offer out from under them. The investor buyer comes up with a reason at the last minute to withdraw their original offer because of repairs, errors in the contract, or any other frivolous reason to drop the asking price. At this point the seller has to accept the offer because they have probably already spent money on movers, attorneys, or even a new home!

The above scenario is exactly what happened to one of our happiest clients, Alice. Alice shopped two “We buy St. Louis Houses” companies which included us as a second competitive quote. The other company offered her 25% more than I could. After all, we did our best to make a strong offer without giving our shirt away. I told her good luck, but keep us in mind if things changed. Sure enough that other company flipped the switch on here like we already pointed out and the rest was history, right? Not quite. She came to us and told us what happened. We took over the consummation of the sale and closed with a week after her initial ordeal. When we met Alice, she was just like so many of our happiest clients. They were hesitant but went ahead with our offer(if not immediately, then eventually), and today they are thrilled that they did!