As a sponsor of South Side Investment Club we would like to update you on the next meeting on May 9th starting at the Shrewsbury Civic Center. Please join us!

Tax Sales in STL are in August, so this timely presentation will allow ample time to understand the process.

Michael Sewell, attorney with Berger, Cohen & Brandt, LC and principal of Royal Crown Properties, LLC, a tax lien investing company, will be our featured speaker at the May SSIC monthly meeting. Michael has several years of experience litigating real estate tax sale disputes, and manages all phases of tax lien investing for Royal Crown Properties, LLC.

Whether you’re just curious about tax lien investing or a seasoned investor, you don’t want to miss this presentation. Michael will explain the basics of tax lien investing, from how the auction works, to what interest rate you can expect to receive on your investment and what steps you must take to acquire clear title to the property you purchase at the auction. Michael will also cover the primary risks to your tax lien investment, because despite what the advertisements tell you, as with any investment, there are risks to tax lien investing. However, on the risk/reward curve, few investment vehicles offer the potential returns that can be realized by investing in tax liens, whether you’re interested in receiving interest or acquiring title to the property. Please join us in May to learn about this unique and exciting investment strategy.

Michael received a MBA from Lindenwood University in 1988 and a JD from St. Louis University School of Law in 1997. Michael has litigated real estate and business matters with Berger, Cohen & Brandt, LC since 2005, and he formed Royal Crown Properties, LLC in 2011.