sell your st. louis house fast for cash

Selling Your Home Fast For Cash

The process of selling your St Louis property can seem overwhelming. While we all wish that it was as easy as posting a sign in the yard and slapping a lockbox on the door, the truth is that selling your home can be a lengthy and costly proposition. We at Starting Point Real Estate will buy your home for cash and close in as little as 4 days. Now you might wonder if it’s really in your best financial interest to sell your home so quickly. Let’s explore some of the financial costs of selling your St. Louis home the traditional way, through a real estate agent, and see if our proven method to sell your home fast makes sense for you.

Cash for Homes St. Louis | Sell Your Home Fast

Of course you know about real estate commissions. They range from the discount brokerage who might charge only 4% up to full service agents that claim 6%. Included in these fees are all the marketing plans needed to effectively give your home exposure. While traditional marketing can be effective, you are still relying on market health, inventory and buyer’s interest to bring that offer to the table. This can cost you valuable time. That can mean months of extra mortgage payments on a home you’ve already decided to sell. By allowing Starting Point Real Estate to work for you, we will buy your house for cash this week. We save you valuable time and money.

Selling your home the traditional way opens up other possible costs. Most buyers ask for a termite report and repairs. This can take thousands from your bottom line even if the damage is slight. A full tenting of the home would add much more. A buyer will also have a home inspection which could result in a request for repairs list and again cost you out of pocket. Of course you can refuse these requests, but if the buyer cancels the transaction, you are back to square one. There are other subtle costs to listing your home on the market. Whereas we will offer you cash for your St. Louis home, other buyers may not. We buy houses fast. Their offers are subject to financing. This type of sale can result in delays due to lender requirements and appraisal issues. Every delay can cost you additional monthly expenses. These can include your mortgage payment, utilities, gardeners, pool services. Starting Point Real Estate is the best way to sell your home fast for cash.

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Selling your St Louis home the traditional way has too many variables that can add up to thousands of dollars, and reduce your proceeds. We buy houses fast and we will give you a straight forward offer with no surprises. You can sell your home without the guess work and uncertainty. This program is not just for sellers who are in distress, but for any St Louis seller that wants to sell their home fast for a fair, cash price. Give us a call to discuss your unique situation and see if Starting Point Real Estate’s program to buy your house for cash is the best option to sell your St. Louis home.