Sell Your Saint Louis House AS-IS

Sell Your Saint Louis House AS-IS

There is nothing that feels great as getting to sell your Saint Louis house as-is condition, considering what you could have gone through in dealing with realtors or even trying to sell off the real estate yourself.

Some of the reasons why you want to sell your Saint Louis house could be that you just got a new job in another city and you can’t afford to keep your current house, or you just got divorced from your partner. 

It could also be that you’ve gone bankrupt or tax liens, perhaps you’re downsizing or probably the date of foreclosure on your real estate is drawing real close.

There are chances you can’t afford the mortgage on your property anymore and these reasons have made you want to sell. 

Your property is old and you can’t afford the price for fixing up damages and upgrading or renovating the house. You definitely need the best choice to sell your house in as-is condition.

Why go through a long process to sell your Saint Louis house?

It is common to contact realtors to sell your Saint Louis real estate, but with these few things to note, you might have to reconsider.

  • You can’t sell your house in an as-is condition when you use a realtor, you would need to fix up all damages and make repairs to the property, ensuring the house is in a show ready and move-in condition.
  • A very long time of wait for a buyer who would pay for your property at the asking price. You would have to wait a length of more than 6 months, even more than a year before you would be able to sell your property.
  • Long paperwork and stress of moving in and out for house shows.
  • With realtors, you would have to pay high in commission and hidden charges, which would cut into the profit you should be making from your sale.

It is high time you reconsider using realtors or FSBO to sell your Saint Louis home AS-IS. Starting Point Real Estate are cash buyers, we are a real estate investment company you can trust to;

  • We Buy your Saint Louis house as-is condition. You will not spend a dime on fixing up the property and making repairs, whatever condition the house is in, it is just perfect for sale.
  • Make the sale stress free, with very little paperwork, and close the deal on your timeline. You get an offer for your real estate within hours of calling us and you are guaranteed a deal that closes in 7 days or less, all depending on your timeline.
  • Pay cash for the property. You get cash upfront once the deal is closed.
  • Charge you nothing, all costs for the sale will be handled by us and you won’t pay any commissions or hidden charges.

With Starting Point Real Estate, you are given a maximum guarantee of a stress-free, fast selling process to sell your house in as-is condition. 

We are less concerned about the condition of your property, all we want is to make sure you are satisfied and allow you to move on with your life quickly. Give us a call today, we buy houses Saint Louis AS-IS