Sell My House Fast St Louis For Cash 

Sell My House fast St Louis

Do you have property that you don’t want or can’t afford? Are you thinking about selling it? Well, you might want to hire a realtor to help you sell the property but there are a lot of disadvantages of doing this. For instance, it might take longer to sell the property and you will have to pay the realtor’s commission among other charges. Starting Point Real Estate should be your first contact if you are looking to sell your property fast in St. Louis.


How To Sell My House Fast St Louis 


At Starting Point Real Estate, we buy houses St. Louis for cash. If you want to sell your house fast, we should be the first people you call. Our process is simple and outlined below. 


  1. First, you should contact us and describe any issues you might be having then we can discuss our solutions. Regardless of whatever reason you are selling your home, we can always buy it and give you a fair value for it. Make sure you provide as many details about your house as possible so we can have a fair estimate ready.


  1. Next, you will meet up with our buying expert who is a professional property valuation expert. He/she will review the property to come up with the proper value. Keep in mind that our property valuation experts are transparent and trustworthy. You don’t need to worry about being conned. Even better, you can hire your own valuation expert to guarantee that everything is transparent.


  1. Finally, we will give you a cash offer for your house. If you accept the cash offer, we can close the sale of your home within 5 days. It’s fast, convenient and the best process for you if you want to sell your house fast. 

Why Should I Sell My House Fast St Louis?


If you have a house you are planning to sell, you might be wondering why should I sell my house fast St Louis?  Well, here are a few reasons why you should consider selling your house fast. 


  1. To Avoid Foreclosure 


Over the years, we have bought houses from homeowners who received foreclosure notices or went bankrupt. We understand the foreclosure process and know that it will leave a negative remark on your credit report. Therefore, we need to help you avoid that. Note that, with a foreclosure on your credit report, you credit rating will drop down and you will not be able to get a mortgage in the future or own another house.


We can negotiate with your bank and trustees to prevent foreclosure. We can buy your house for cash at a fair value and make sure you have enough money to repay your creditors including your mortgage payments. You should be able to buy another house in the future without worrying about the foreclosure on the current one.


  1. Quick Sale 


Are you selling your home and want a quick sale? If you choose to work with a realtor, you might have to wait for a month or two before the escrow process is complete. Well, if you are planning a quick and convenient sale, we are here to help. We can buy your house for cash and fast. You should be able to enjoy the cash from the sale of your home within 5 days.


Even better, we have a leeway so you can choose whenever you want to close the sale. If you choose to stay in your house for a few more days after we have bought it, you can do so until the sale is closed. Our buying process is the best choice if you want to sell your house fast. Call us now and get an appointment with our top representatives. 


  1. No Repairs Needed 


If your house is a bit rundown, you might be worried about selling it before making the necessary repairs. Yes, doing so might lead to your house fetching a higher price but you can’t be guaranteed of the expense that you will incur with such repairs. For instance, you might have to take a loan or use up your savings to handle the necessary repairs in your home. 


Well, you should know that we buy houses in their current condition. Whether or not it’s rundown, we can buy it as it is without any repairs necessary. Once our property valuation expert goes through the property, he/she will come up with a proper value for it. 




Starting Point Real Estate should be your first choice if you are planning to sell your home fast in St. Louis. We can buy your house for cash and give you a fair value for your home in as little as 5 days. We have a simple process and you don’t have to be charged extra for the sale of your home. Call us and make an appointment to start the process of selling your home.