During the 15 years we’ve been in business at Starting Point RE, we’ve encountered a diverse range of reasons why people need to sell house cash Jefferson County

And you’ll also like to know, we’ve helped them all in record time. You can be one of our clients too, and the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

What We Do

Like any other real estate agency, Starting Point RE discovered a demand in the property market.

And this demand came in the form of people needing friendly assistance to sell house cash Jefferson County, and it had to happen fast.

The truth is, not everybody has the patience or finances to follow the typical property moving channels. Private advertising creates the idea that you can get more for the property than you paid for, but buyers aren’t exactly eager to pay more than they absolutely have to.

Real estate is a very difficult market, but we’re here to make it so much easier. If you think to sell house Jefferson County comes with complications, think again. We’re about to prove you wrong.

Our Quick House Buying Process

Selling your house doesn’t get simpler or quicker than this. Firstly, contact our Starting Point RE office and speak to our friendly and professional personnel.

The second step is to schedule a visit from us, which is when we’ll come and take a look at the property.

The last step is waiting for your offer, which won’t take longer than seven days to reach you.

f you’re worried about the state of your home, or the neighborhood, don’t. We will still make you a cash offer, regardless of these elements.

Once you accept our offer, you’ll receive the money within a few days and the deal will be done.

In terms of headaches that come with documents and other transfer procedures, feel free to make it OUR problem as well.

We love sharing our 15 years of experience in the house buying business, and we’ll gladly share it with. Even if you know nothing about selling your home, we are the only people you need to talk to.

At the end of the process, you’ll understand everything clearly.

We Don’t Ask Questions

At Starting Point RE, it’s not our job to pry. Whatever your reason might be, we are always available to do business.

But to give some troubled homeowners some perspective on how we can help, here are some of the things that motivate a quick and necessary sale.

– The risk of foreclosure – Unable to use or maintain the property – Elderly people who can’t live alone anymore – Inherited property that needs to be sold quickly – Unable to afford renovations to put the house on the market

These are just some of the reasons why offer our services. And the best part is you’ll get a very decent price for your property, simply because you came to the right people.