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Starting Point is an A+ BBB Home Buyer

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Hi, I am Jeff Garner and I have been a Real Estate investor for over 20 years based in Saint Louis and covering Missouri and Illinois.

I am looking to build long term relationships with Realtors so we can better serve the house buying and selling needs of our community.

I have been partnering with realtors with great success for years. You can watch and read their testimonials on this page.

Often as realtors, you will be asked to list properties that aren’t suited to the open market either because of the condition of the property or the circumstances the seller finds themselves in.

Now I am confident in time you would be able to find a buyer for any property, however, our partner realtors often find introducing us to their clients so we can close a cash deal for the property works best.

At Starting Point Real Estate We Buy Houses as is so rather than one of your clients missing out on their dream house because they need to renovate their own home we can purchase that property and get them into their new home. We all know as well that sometimes for a homeowner to do the repairs improvements to get a home sold it doesn’t all work out to be the most profitable route.

As a Real Estate investor we also client inquiries that are not best suited to us and would benefit from an experienced high-quality Realtor. People that want to achieve the best price possible in the open market as well as linking a house sale and a house purchase. We often pass these leads on to those realtors in our network.

I am more than aware of the reputation of many in the ‘Cash Home Buyer’ industry and I even co-authored a book to help educate people on how to avoid falling for them.

Needless to say, our reputation is important to us as we know yours is to you, we always deal with integrity and try and over-deliver so that our clients will refer us and rave about us to others. We will treat your clients with that same level of service and respect.

I would love to chat with you even if you don’t have any houses in mind right now.