Starting Point Home Solutions buys and sells homes quickly in the St. Louis area. We’re no stranger to the game of real estate investing so if you’re considering a career as a real estate investor, here are some things to know before jumping into the waters.

Real estate investment is a large responsibility for anyone to take on. It’s necessary to know the city’s laws, codes and ordinances as well as understand how much time it truly consumes. It goes without saying that commitment and passion are essential for this profession. Knowledge with financing and management are required. And be prepared to take on the role of the landlord as well, which means a lot of face to face interaction. So, it’s ideal you’re a ‘people person’ with a firm stance.

It’s important to set specific goals for how much money you want to earn and dates to reach them by. Chances are you’ll need a loan and the goal for your loan is to be free and clear as soon as possible. Though it’s tempting to spruce up the property with unnecessary repairs and items you don’t need, it’s best to stick with the necessities. Simply because the more money you put into the property, the bigger the risk for a financial disaster. Tenants will only need the essentials.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter some failure right away. There are bound to be some setbacks. However, once you work out the kinks you’ll find your business model. Remember to stay current and updated on the housing market and economy. It will help you plan ahead and make better decisions in regards to the future. Real estate investing is not for everyone but if you’re committed, adaptable to change, hardworking and sincerely passionate about real estate, you’ll find great satisfaction.