Looking to purchase a home from Starting Point Real Estate? There are now more options than ever to help in the financing of your home. The most popular and well-known option is traditional financing. This method involves using a bank, credit union, or other mortgage company to acquire a home loan. For those that qualify for this method, a down payment is usually required and a fixed or flexible interest rate will be established. If traditional financing is not for you, you can look to the Federal Housing Administration. This program offers mortgage insurance up to a fixed amount under the 2008 federal economic stimulus package. This amount ranges from $417,00 to $730,000. A third option for financing a home is to seek out an alternative lender. These loans typically do not require a down payment, but carry a much larger interest rate and monthly payment than traditional loans.

If you do not qualify for any of these methods, another option available is leasing. This method allows you to move in to your home for little or no money down, depending on the seller. When choosing to lease, you will have the option to buy the home later on. Starting Point Real Estate has several rent-to-own and leasing homes if this is the best option for you.