Making Money Can’t Get Easier

Your car can now work for you! Simply drive as usual. There are no costs to you whatsoever, only cash in your pocket. Want some details on how to make $100 – $3,000 without having to work? Find out more below.

Advertise For Us – Get Paid

Everytime we close on a real estate lead that came from your car, you get 10% of the net profits! All leads are carefully reviewed to ensure you receive the proper compensation for your advertising efforts. Installation is quick and you can start making money today!

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How does it work?

We place a sticker on the back window of your behicle for advertising just like the one above. Every time we close a deal that comes form your car, you get paid 10% of our net profits and every lead is carefully tracked to compensate you for participating. We do all the work so you never have to take a call or reply to anyone.

Get your car working for you today! By simply placing a marketing decal on your back window you can make money on a per lead basis. For more information about how you can participate, you can either fill out the form to the the right, or contact a representative from Starting Point Home Solutions. Don’t wait, contact us today!