Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis Professionals


Look for cash home buyers Saint Louis professionals when selling a home and find the alternative to using a realtor to offload an unwanted house. However, using this approach isn’t suitable for everybody. For some homeowners, the wait time to sell using a realtor may not work in their favor, plus it will cost a lot of money to prepare the house and list it on the market. Although your house may fetch a higher selling price on the market (and yet again, it might not), homeowners looking to sell their Saint Louis house fast are coming to realize that’s not worth the hassle, time, and cost.  


With a realtor, you’ll have to renovate and repair your home, wait for months or even years for prospective buyers, and then pay agent fees and commissions when the house sale is complete. At this point, chances are that you won’t break-even on the original valuation of your house. Conversely, when you enlist Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis professionals like Starting Point Real Estate, you can expect a quick and hassle-free house sale. We are prepared to buy your house regardless if you’re facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, inherited unwanted house, want to downsize, or just want to relocate – we understand and will provide you with a more than generous cash offer to get you on your way. 


Using Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis Professionals Can Be A Simple & Quick Process


Want to sell your house fast Saint Louis? Starting Point Real Estate are cash home buyers Saint Louis and can get you cash fast. We are a premier investment company that provide real estate solutions to distressed homeowners looking to do away with burdensome property fast. Note that we’re not like real estate agents, we don’t list your home – we’re the buyers and we pay cash for your house. You don’t have to worry about waiting for loan approvals, we already have cash at hand. 


Selling your house doesn’t need to be frustrating. We are serious Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis professionals and won’t waste your time with unnecessary appraisals and complicated house selling and legal procedures. We will handle everything for you on our end, and pay for the closing costs.


Here’s What To Expect When You Work With Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis Professionals:   


No Agent Fees or Commissions:

As mentioned above, we don’t charge any fees or commissions because we aren’t realtors. When you partner with us, you won’t incur any additional costs since you won’t be ‘paying us’, rather it will be the other around. We are professional home buyers whose only goal is to get more money in your pocket.


Buy As-Is:

When you use an agent, you’ll need to do repairs and renovate the house to make it visually appealing to potential buyers. What’s more, you’ll need to maintain the house in tip-top shape all through the sale, use enticements like snacks and aroma diffusers when hosting an open house in order to appeal to buyers. With us, all of that is unnecessary. The state of the house and the reasons behind you selling doesn’t really matter. We’ll buy in any condition or location.  


As local Cash Home Buyers Saint Louis Professionals, we are fully aware of the bottlenecks involved in selling a house in Saint Louis, which is why we provide a fast, easy, and trouble-free house sale service. We have designed a system that makes the house selling process seamless. Here’s how it works.


  1. Call us: Here, you’ll provide us with information about your property and neighborhood. We’ll evaluate the information and get back to you within 24-48 hours to arrange a meeting.
  2. Meet with us: We’ll stop by and check out the house to ascertain it meets our metrics. 
  3. Cash Offer: We’ll give you a non-obligatory and written cash offer. If you agree, we can have the deal closed in under a week


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