“Just a few months ago, I was struggling with a situation that looked to have very little end in sight. I had recently divorced, lost half of my household income and had exhausted what little savings I had left after my marriage ended. I had a home that was pending foreclosure and I was mastering a juggling act of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” from one month to another just trying to make ends meet. I was working with my mortgage lender to try to qualify for one of many of the advertised programs designed to help Americans “in my situation” and was on my 7th (yes, I said seventh) application. I’d already been denied for Obama’s “Making Homes Affordable” plan three times and several of my Lender’s internal programs, yet they wanted another application from me. It seemed an endless cycle of filling out the same paperwork and getting nowhere but deeper in debt.

It was around that time, and as I was sifting through the mound of “junk” mail that someone in my predicament starts to receive on a daily basis, I decided to reach out to one that promised a “Fresh Start”…..STARTING POINT HOME SOLUTIONS.

I called them, explained my situation and Tonya was on my doorstep that afternoon to help! Let me say to anyone in my situation now….I didn’t have to worry about anything else from that moment on. She and her counterpart, Patty (who was the liaison with my lender), worked on my behalf to stop foreclosure proceedings immediately. They counseled me on my mortgage situation and helped positively position me into a short sale with my lender. I was able to work with them via email and phone and with very little inconvenience to my schedule.

Not only were they able to negotiate my Lender into forgiving the deficiency that I owed on my mortgage, I received an outreach incentive from my Lender in the amount of $20,000.00 when it was all said and done! The entire process took only a few short months! Today, I am nearly debt fee and because of Starting Point Home Solutions, I am able to consider that “fresh start” they promised me a few months ago in the mail.

THANK YOU Garner Realty and Starting Point Home Solutions”

Karen Randelle