SouthSide Investment Club Presents the Ins and Outs of Real Estate Investing w/ St. Louis Native Jeff Garner.

On June 13th Jeff is coming with an open book to share how he just acquired a rental portfolio right here in the St. Louis Market place in the last 12 months. This is not a small feat… also he doesn’t have ANY grey hairs…

Jeff will share with us, how he finds properties, how he evaluates them, what his exit strategies are and how he runs his business.

From single family rentals to wholesaling and rehabbing, investing in real estate brings rewards to many. Learn how to buy investment properties, invest long term, work with tenants, understand leases and evictions, hire property management and rehabbing and resale. At the age of 22 Jeff Garner became a real estate agent, gained knowledge of the market, started buying, rehabbing and selling homes. Now 15 years later, a portfolio of 40 properties (all purchased in the last 12 months), and owner of Starting Point Real Estate a thriving Real Estate Agency, Garner will discuss his investing strategies with the changing real estate market. SPRE is a real estate re development company servicing the St. Louis and St. Charles area. Garner prides himself on his hard work and determination to turn negative real estate experiences in to positive ones. He will also provide incredible education and insight on how to go about investing in your business to have a steady cash flow and sustainable capital growth. His other current and previous investment strategies include short sales, foreclosures, wholesaling and much more. In the past two years Garner has completed over 200 transactions.

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