I was given a home when my grandfather passed away. I had just turned 18 and decided that I would move in shortly after that. I had lots of great memories in this home and loved that I would be living in it.

Although it wasn’t in the best area and it was kind of small, I couldn’t wait to move in. Since I had a job, I knew I would be able to take care of the bills that would come with owning a home.

Shortly after I moved into the home a friend of mine wanted to move in. I had thought about it, but I wasn’t really sure because it was so small. There was really only one bedroom, but there was another room that could be used as a bedroom too, but it was tiny and I just used it for storage at the moment. After careful consideration, I decided it would be a great idea to move someone else in. Then we could split the bills and it would make it easier to pay them and have extra money. My friend moved in and lived there for a few years then moved out after she got a boyfriend that she moved in with. I had a boyfriend at the time also and he decided he would move in with me. It all worked out great and we were together for several years before we decided to get married.

After marrying my husband, we talked about having a family and moving into a bigger house in a more desirable area. I wanted something that was larger before we started a family. I started looking around at homes for sale and showed my husband the ones I looked at and liked. He wanted to look at a few of them in person and called his friend that is a real estate agent to see if he could show them to us. After looking at a few of them, we wanted to get the paperwork started on one of them because we wanted to move into it.

Once we got the paperwork started, we wanted to find a way to sell the other home fast. I started searching around for the quickest way to sell the home so I could use that money for a down payment on our other home. I found a website for We Buy Houses Fast St Louis and I called them to find out more. I set up an appointment with them to look at the home the next day. We Buy Houses Fast St Louis made an offer on my home and I couldn’t refuse it. I signed all the paperwork and used the money from that sale to put down on the other home.

We moved into the other house shortly after selling the other one. I love living in a larger home and can’t wait to start a family in this house too.