Selling your St. Louis House Fast After A Fire

Sell Your Home Quickly after a fire

One of the worst things that a homeowner can face is the destruction of their home due to a fire.  It’s often a time people consider how they can sell a home quickly.  Many times, the damage will be so substantial that it might cost thousands of dollars for repairs. This type of damage can lead to a lot of stress for a homeowner. A number of homeowners are unsure what type of action they should take when the insurance claim is taking too long, and they do not have the available funds for repairs. With this in mind, it is going to place the house in a dangerous situation as it could be condemned or placed as non-livable with the city. 

For homeowners who have already found themselves in this situation or worry about it, we have the solution for you. We have the ability to sell your home for quick cash without any of the stress that is typically associated with the selling of a home through traditional methods. Let’s check out some of the massive benefits you will receive by selling your home for quick cash after it was involved in a fire. 

What happens When You Sell Your Home Quickly?

No Repairs Or Restoration Fees 

When you sell a home with a real estate agent regardless of the condition, you will be forced to make repairs and renovations to make it sell-ready. For a home that has been damaged in a fire, the cost for repairs and renovations can be rather costly. Many times a professional team of cleaners will need to enter the home and clean out the excess soot and fumes, as this can be a major concern for respiratory illness. You will typically need to hire a professional team if you have home buyers who are interested but need a professional test done once the fire has been disclosed. 

Additionally, you will need to consider the fact that you more than likely have lost items that you are going to need to repair or replace as well. This is an additional cost that must be considered while planning on selling a home. When selling a home to a cash buyer, they are offering to buy your home in “as-is” condition. This is going to save you a large amount of money in the long run. Additionally, you will not need to worry about the cost of repairs or renovations. The team will take the time to evaluate the property and while taking into account the damage from the fire, potentially offer a fair price. 


Fresh Start 

Once a fire has damaged a home, many have a difficult time getting back on their feet emotionally and financially. This is largely due to the fact that a good deal of insurance companies are going to offer a much lower claim than was to be expected. This means that a fresh start is going to have to take place with much less money in the checking account. When you sell your home to a cash buyer, they are going to offer you cash money as well as take away a very stressful situation. This is going to offer you the financial support that is needed to get started with a new life. 

The process of selling your home in this fashion is considerably quicker and easier than one would expect. In fact, by selling your home in this manner you are going to lower your stress considerably. It is important to understand once we have purchased your home, we have the legal right to file a claim with the insurance company. We have a skilled insurance adjuster who has an overwhelming amount of experience in these matters, This will save you a considerable amount of time as you are not going to be the one having to fuss with the insurance agency. 


Less Risk 

When you sell your home with a real estate agent, there is always the chance that the deal may fall through at the last moment. If you have already placed a considerable amount of time and money into selling your home, this could be a rather frustrating aspect. When you choose to sell your home for cash, you will never need to worry about a buyer backing out of the deal at the very last moment. 


Fresh Start Cash 

House fires make it rather difficult for homeowners to get back on their feet. Many homeowners are unaware of how low of a claim they are going to receive from their insurance company. With less cash in your pocket, it is going to make finding a new home considerably harder. Cash buyers take away the lowball figures of the insurance company and offer you a fair price that is going to allow you the opportunity to get a fresh start. Additionally, having some extra money from your home is going to allow you the opportunity to replace items that were lost in the fire. 

Additionally, the process of selling a home to a cash buyer is considerably faster than expected. In fact, you will not feel as stressed as you thought you would be. Please keep in mind that once the home has been purchased, we have the ability to file an insurance claim. Our adjuster is well versed in these matters and will be able to take care of the entire process. This is going to allow you to have more stress-free nights knowing you do not have to deal with insurance companies. 


Less Risk 

Always keep in mind that there is always the chance that a deal will fall through with a real estate agent. Once you have put time and money into a home, it can be incredibly frustrating to lose it to a cautious buyer. Selling your home quickly for cash is guaranteed once an offer has been placed on the table, which is one more reason to sell stress-free with a cash buyer. So if you were googling “Sell My St. Louis House Fast” get in touch as “We Buy Houses In St. Louis for Cash”