Easy Ways to Make Your St. Louis Investment Property Stand Out

We all know that rehabbing investment properties in St. Louis can be a wonderful business, but in order for it to become a truly long term business model, your homes must stand out in a competitive market.

Real estate investors these days are looking at many homes before they make the decision to buy. Finding homes for sale has never been easier and home buyers want to see everything that’s out there before they make their decision. Developing a strategy to make your homes memorable to potential home buyers is essential for long term growth of your business.

Splurge on Something Unique

Do some online researching of your competition in your market and take notice of any patterns you might see. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as these tend to be the “money zones.” What kind of fixtures do you see in the kitchen? Are the bathroom counter top plan white? Are most of the showers you see basic white fiberglass?

Once you start seeing a pattern, you need to go above and beyond your competitors in a few of these areas. For example, if you see that there are many fiberglass tub surrounds in your market consider installing a custom title mosaic. If all the houses you see have white appliances, go for stainless.

The goal here is to depart from what buyers are seeing in other homes. As humans, we take notice of things that don’t fit the normal pattern and we remember those things. These small investments in uniqueness will keep your homes memorable which will get your homes sold quicker for more.

Price a Bit Lower Than Your Competition

Getting your home noticed can be difficult when there is so much competition and pricing your home slightly lower will get your home seen. Even though you might have a better home than some of your competition, pricing it a few thousand dollars lower will really get people looking at your home. Typically buyers will recognize your house is a bit under priced and will offer over because they will fear losing out on such a great home.