Starting Point Buys Ricks Home Fast and For Cash

Rick needed to sell a St. Louis property fast. The home belonged to his mother who has passed away. The property had sentimental value but had also become a burden. Rick and his 4 siblings had been debating how to sell this home quickly and had heard that we buy houses for cash fast.

Read below for the experiences of real people in real situations. Starting Point can buy your home fast and for cash.


The property was in need of repairs and deferred maintenance. Before reaching me and my team at Starting Point Real Estate, Rick had contacted several real estate agents and investment companies. All had lead nowhere and now they needed to sell the home fast.

The home was located in Jennings which is a depressed part of St. Louis. They had attempted to sell the house, but the highest offer they received was only $4000. Rick asked me what I felt I could do for them. I reviewed the house and the comparable properties in Jennings and felt that with a small investment of $1000 for cleanup, I could offer them a cash offer of $16,000 and close fast.

They accepted our offer and within 2 weeks we had closed and they had their money. Not only did they net significantly more than they expected, but they were able to be free of the burden.

The happy ending? On top of the fast sale of their Jennings property for cash, several months later, they drove by to see a beautiful transformation of the home and a young family enjoying their new home.

Starting Point to the Rescue: Kenny’s Story

Kenny came to Starting Point Real Estate in dire straits. He had major health issues, just been through a divorce and to add to his problems, he had lost his job. What he needed was to sell his home fast for cash.

He had a beautiful villa in St. Charles which had a market value of around $250,000. The good news was that he had equity, but due to his income loss, he was behind in his mortgage payments and in danger of foreclosure. What he needed was a simple sale that would close fast.

We buy houses fast for cash and this was just what Kenny was looking for. We made him a good offer which would close in 2 weeks and net him $30k. While this was a great offer, he needed money faster than that.

Starting Point Real Estate wanted to help and so we went to work and came up with a creative way to save the home from foreclosure and give Kenny some much-needed relief from his other financial needs.

We made a payment of $8000 to bring his past-due mortgage current and gave Kenny $10,000 that same day. We then proceeded to continue the mortgage payments as we renovated the home and listed it for sale. By the time we concluded the cash sale, Kenny had time to find a new home, a job, and recover physically.

I love this story! Not only did Starting Point Real Estate buy Kenny’s St. Charles home fast for cash, but we saved him from foreclosure and restored his credit by making the mortgage payments. This gave Kenny time and cash to get back on his feet. Once we closed on the sale, he had the rest of his equity and he was finally able to get started on his new life with money in the bank, a job, and his health.

We Buy St Louis Houses Fast For Cash We would like to buy yours to get in touch.