I was given a home by my grandmother when she passed away. Her home was really small, however it worked out well for me. During my college years, I lived there alone. Since it was only one bedroom, it didn’t leave any room for anyone else to move in with me. While in college, I met my current husband and he moved in with me about 6 months after meeting him. With the two of us, it worked out. Once I graduated from college, my husband and I got married. In the past few years, we have both decided that we want to have a family, however, we knew this home wouldn’t be large enough to raise a family in. We wanted to start looking for a new home to buy that was bigger.

I started searching online on different real estate websites to see what was on the market. I found a few homes that were exactly the size we were looking for. I showed my husband these listings and he agreed these would be the perfect size for us. He also said the price was a great one. So I made arrangements to meet up with the real estate agent so we could see these homes in person. There was one home that we both said we wanted to think more about and we told the real estate agent we would get back to her the next day and let her know what we have decided about the home.

That evening, my husband and I went home and discussed purchasing that home. We knew we would be able to afford it, but we wanted to get rid of the home we were currently living in. We wanted to do this in the fastest way possible so we could use the money from that sale on the down payment on our home.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew of any way to sell a home quickly and that’s when they said I should look into house buying companies Springfield has in the area. I had heard of these companies before, but never heard of anyone actually using them. I decided to call around and check with a few of them to see what they could tell me. I set up appointments with both house buying companies Springfield has to get estimates on my home. They both offered me about the same amount, however one of them was slightly higher. My husband and I agreed that we would go with the higher offer, even though it wasn’t by much.

We were able to get our home sold and use that money to put down on our home. That process went very easily and we were able to move into our new home as soon as the paperwork was done and the closing happened. We love the new home we bought and can’t wait to have children.