Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and almost everyone will be filling malls and stores to hunt down Black Friday deals. Not so many, though, are shopping for homes this time of year, and prospective homebuyers who don’t have their head in the game during the holidays could be missing out on some serious real estate steals.

Of course, the question is: Is there such a thing as a Black Friday for real estate? Well, not officially, but many sellers and Realtors have found a way to capitalize on the Black Friday phenomenon — and the spirit of holiday sales in general — to offer serious incentives to homebuyers. And you won’t believe some of the things you could score with your home purchase.

Some sellers drop asking prices of their home by $2,000 to $10,000 because traffic is so low during the winters. In a recent survey, 67.7 percent of Realtors who responded said that they perceived Black Friday sellers to be serious to very serious about selling their homes; 40.1 percent of respondents said that those sellers would likely accept an offer during that time. That may be a sign that buyers have some serious bargaining power.

Also there are extra goodies you could score with holiday purchasing. It’s not uncommon for sellers to throw in bonus items but since it’s the holiday’s people seem to be more giving.

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