Every so often we get a particular itch. An itch so bad that we are willing to spend thousands just to scratch it. That’s right, I’m talking about the redecorating itch. And whether it’s landscaping or interior design, homeowners around the world always want to get the most out of their home improvement projects. However, with so many pressures to “keep up with the Joneses” (or whoever you neighbors are), how do we do that in the most cost effective way? You do it the easiest way possible by realizing that you really don’t have to spend so much in order to get the results you want!

Before you begin, make a list of what your priority changes are (key word being priority), and afterwards you can get to work on making these changes happen. But start with the easy things first, so you don’t feel overwhelmed too early in your project. Take landscaping for instance. It can cost thousands of dollars, so doing simple things like keeping your porch clean, maintaining your lawn and an exterior paint job can go a long way!]

Also, get a crazy kind of creative! Every person wanted to be an artist at some point in their life, so now is your opportunity! Dig deep in the back of your mind and think of interesting ways to spruce up your kitchen or bath with materials already in your home. You know those old dishes you have with the cracks in them? Go ahead and break them up entirely and create a funky mosaic backsplash for your kitchen. Not only will it be inexpensive, but unique as well!

Speaking of inexpensive – sale, discount and clearance are a few of my favorite words, so trust me when I say there are many places you can find what you need to redecorate your home for a fraction of the retail price. Non-profit home improvement organizations like Habitat for Humanity Restores is a great place to find good deals on things like building materials and appliances. Not to mention, all proceeds go towards building homes for others around the world. So you get to restore your own home, while helping to restore someone else’s. And who doesn’t like giving and receiving at the same time? I know I do!

Either way it goes, regardless of if you are preparing to sell your home, or just in need of a little interior change, these home improvement tips will surely help you get the best bang for your buck.