So, you’ve worked and saved your entire life and now’s the time! You’re ready to invest and maybe indulge a bit in a comfortable getaway or a new place to spend your golden years. You’ve dreamed of this time and now it’s your reality…the only question is: Where do you invest your real estate dollars? There are many factors to consider when making such a large investment. Several things to consider include: the climate you are looking to live in, what activities to you plan on participating in, big city living versus the quiet country life, sea or mountains? In addition to your personal preferences, it’s also important to consider the logical and sometimes not so glamorous factors like: is there access to health care, how much are annual property taxes in this region, and the travel expenses for the frequent visitors you may or may not be anticipating.

We’ve deliberated these criteria and more, and have compiled a list of several regions we consider some of the best areas for retirement in the United States.

Florida. It’s no secret. The snow birds have been escaping here for years! With plenty of affordable quality real estate, a beautiful warm climate and a vast array of activities for both residents and visitors, there’s no question why Florida is one of the best places to purchase retirement property in the United States. Florida’s terrain and endless amounts of retirement communities allow for easy travel for those who are no longer interested in long jaunts for a loaf of bread. Many active adult retirement communities even feature private transportation for residents and their guests or unique golf cart roadways! The cost of living in Florida is also quite agreeable, for example, Ft. Myers’ cost of living is 5% less than the national average and that region boasts annual property taxes averaging only $2,000 a year!

Arizona. With beautiful mountain and desert scenery, you won’t have to choose between warm days and cool mountain breezes in Arizona! Arizona’s climate has been a favorite for retiree’s due to its warm and dry heat which is favorable for anyone with respiratory issues. With living environments ranging from larger cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale to smaller communities such as Prescott, Arizona offers an array of lifestyle choices for the social and introvert retiree! In our research we have found that compared to other regions, Arizona does not offer as many employment opportunities or health care facilities compared to differing states on our list- but the cost of living in most Arizona regions is less. Larger Arizona cities have median housing prices at $200,000 which could mean more for property taxes. Still, Arizona makes our list because of its ideal juxtaposition in our beautiful country and its great variety of real estate options.

South Carolina. South Carolina is an ideal retirement locale, with a variety of investment opportunities. Low Country near the ocean, Piedmont, Sand Hills, and Upstate all provide unique living arrangements with mild winter weather, humid-sub-tropical summers and plenty of recreation for the active retiree! Purchasing retirement property in South Carolina comes with a seemingly endless list of benefits. There is little tax burden comparatively, as South Carolina has the 37th highest taxes in the Union. There are retirement income exemptions and Homestead Exemptions where people over 65 can exclude $50,000 of the market value of their homes from their property taxes! Let us know when you’re ready to start looking!

Tennessee. Tennessee’s assortment of amenities will please virtually any interest. Whether you are looking forward to a peaceful escape in the comforts of nature or you’d like your real estate just a short trip from all of the conveniences of city living, Tennessee has it all. According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index Tennessee’s cost of living is on average 10% lower than the national average! This will help your retirement savings go farther, and may increase your budget for spending on retirement properties. What really got us excited about purchasing retirement properties in Tennessee is that there is no state property tax! However you may incur some local taxes, according to which portion of the state you pick!

Pennsylvania. To finish this small list of great states to retire in, we chose one of our founding states, Pennsylvania. Full of rich history and tax exemptions that won’t strangle your savings, we think that Pennsylvania would be an ideal place to set some retirement roots and purchase property. With a slightly cooler climate to please our warm blooded readers, Pennsylvania provides a diverse range of seasons. With the lowest cost of living index in the North Eastern Five, and no Retirement Income Tax, Pennsylvania provides more to a retiree than just opulent historical surroundings. With a wide range of busier city life to pursue purchasing properties in, or expansive countryside living; Pennsylvania’s greatest amenity may be its diversity! If you choose to go west within the state, Pittsburgh is one of the most affordable choices for those seeking a quality retirement. The city ranked number 2 on a list of the best big city retirement values. Pennsylvania’s housing market is also among the best. The median house in the Pittsburgh area was $62,955.