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Buying or selling of houses could be strenuous and almost an out-of-the-way for most house owners, especially St Louis home buyers and those looking to “sell my house fast St Louis”. 

Hence, most newlyweds, professionals and workforce would prefer buying houses in St Louis because it’s quite affordable and has the rich look of architectural structures in new ways. But whether you are doing FSBO (for sale by owner) or hiring a realtor, here are a few things you need to know about remodelling to get top buyers for your properties.

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#1. Replace dark or bright walls with neutral or less bright colors.

St Louis buyers are quite choosy when it comes to colour. So, instead of the bright red color in your kitchen or deep blue in your living room, consider replacing them with soothing or neutral colors like taupes or grey. It provides the aesthetic feel and mood. 

These colors; gray and taupe give a high-end spa-like but minimalistic feel and are well considered by St Louis buyers.

#2. Hardwood floors give an upscale feel.

Another important feature you need to include in your home to get the highest bidder in St Louis is investing in hardwood floors. You can simply fix this if you already have the hardwood features(refurbishing). This will increase your chances of selling to St Louis buyers who are more interested in details than any other features. Aside from that, in a survey done on the price range of $102,000- #150,000 home buyers, 80% of them wanted hardwood flooring in their home. 

Moreso, classic hardwoods sculptured with hand or machine, buttered with modern designs are more preferred to any other hardwood because it mostly gives the classical look to every home.

In case you are considering a more fashionable look and finish to entice buyers, then it does not always have to be recycled or synthetic materials, instead, you can inject smart homes here and there.

Whichever way, you should avoid a distressed aesthetic which most homeowners mistake for hand-scraped hardwood. Walnut is the most popular and preferred hardwood flooring for most house owners.


#3. Kitchen countertops update matters. 

The most important part of the home aside the living room is the kitchen, which is why you should pay importance to the countertops too. Granite is still in the business of providing solid surface countertops. 

Without repainting and refurbishing the kitchen, it can still wear the ‘new’ look by updating the countertops and cabinets with a new painting to entice good buyers.

According to the St Louis-based granite company; Arch City Granite Marble,  “Stocking stone helps me to compete against small low-price granite fabricators in my market area.” Which means that granite and marble are highly sought after stones for homes. Their durability and sleek surface are part of what makes them stand out.

Closely following granite is quartz. The main difference between the two is that the latter can be customised into different colors since it is man-made.

Tip: Always opt for a slim cut with a sleek look no matter the stone or color used.


#4. A smart home is a gold getter.

Yes, it is no doubt that most home buyers in this part of the country want the classical feel, yet there is a craving for a smart home, and including this in your home will definitely get you the best dollars. According to a home survey, 78% of home buyers indicated that they would like a smart window pre-installed in their home, while 70% wanted a smart kitchen. 

Fortunately, most of these smart home appliances and gadgets are not so expensive and can be easily installed without the help of a professional. 

Even though installing a smart home does not guarantee an instant sale, yet, it would boost your chances of getting a fair and better sales. Especially in a competitive market.


#5. Fix up the basement.

You think that does not matter too? No, emphasizing details is as important as selling houses in St Louis. 

Creating a kid-friendly basement is a good way to attract families looking for a home-away-from-home environment for their children.

So, be sure to have your basement ready and ready to move in for young families before placing it in the local market listing or hiring a realtor. 

What needs to be fixed? Fix them. Clean up the cleanable and do away with rusted and stained metals as they are a huge turn off for home buyers.

Inspect your basement well and be on the lookout for leakages and stagnant water that could breed mosquitoes. Call in the plumber if necessary and make sure all other appliances and equipment are in good working condition.


#6. Make the green grin

It is a known fact that St Louis has one of oldest botanical gardens in the world, and as a house seller, you would not want to overrule this fact. Therefore, invest in the green so that the buyers can have a feel of nature even in the comfort of their home. Camera-ready ones would do just fine too.

So, before putting up your St Louis house or condo for sale online or in the local market, make sure that you have already paid attention to the landscape.

You can also touch up the rooms by placing flower vases with nice roses scent by the window sides.


#7. Declutter

Decluttering will always be an important part of selling your properties in St Louis.

Remove personal belongings and take out old belongings from the garage. Change old paintings and pull off personal paintings and photographs. Repair broken doors and windows. Check for broken pipelines and leaking tubes.Thoroughly inspect the garden and do a general inspection for each room. You may want to hire someone for this, just to have the new and crisp look.

All of these will boost your sale and get you the highest bidder in the market.


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