sell my house fast Saint Louis

Are there things I could do to help me sell my house fast Saint Louis? Here are five secrets you could use.

Owning a home is a form of investment and it can take time to get it ready for the market. But times have changed and things move faster with several purchases made speedily online. As a homeowner in Saint Louis wanting to move out or thinking of buying a new place, the question becomes how do I sell my house fast Saint Louis?

Here are 5 secrets to use in selling my house fast Saint Louise

Make inexpensive repairs

With use, your house would experience wear and tear and could dull its appearance and the interest of buyers. Before selling, you would want your house to look appealing to the buyer at the first visit. You can quickly make some inexpensive fixes or repairs.

You may not have to work on extensive repainting or some other major renovations especially if you need to sell in a hurry. Simple things such as running a deep cleaning, steam cleaning the carpets and dusting the shelves can make your home look fresh. You could also add a touch of paint to areas that need it or add a fresh coat of neutral color to brighten your home.

You could also make minor repairs to damaged portions within your budgets. You may not run a full bathroom or kitchen update but things like fixing a broken door handle or refreshing woodworks can make your home come alive.

Price the property to sell

When people look at a home for sale, one of the first things they look at is the price. If the price is too high, it might discourage potential buyers and your home would be on the market for a long time. Even if they love the home, the high price would extend the time spent on negotiation. 

Similarly, you would record a loss on your investment if you underprice. While there are several home options on sale, within the locality remember to keep the price at a competitive level. If you are in a haste to sell, you could drop your price lower than those of the surrounding homes. Your real estate agent could help you work out the most appropriate price for your home.

Declutter and remove personal touches

One way to increase the chances of sales is to improve the appearance of your home especially when a potential buyer comes for the showing. You can do this by decluttering or removing unnecessary and unused items such as piles of magazines or broken items.

You want the buyer to have a feel of what it is like to live in and own the home, hence you would need to remove personal items like family photos. Decluttering also makes your home appear spacious and makes the final packing easier for you.

Make the deal Attractive

Make the deal attractive by adding a few incentives. Most buyers look for a financial incentive either as a slash in the cost or a gift. Well, you do not have to go overboard and inconvenience yourself. Adding simple things like offering to cover all the closing cost, agreeing to all inspections the buyer wants can make your deal irresistible. 

If you have not moved out, you can offer to move out within the time most convenient to the buyer. You could also offer to pay for some damaged items the buyer observes.

Get a real estate agent

Many homeowners want to sell their homes by themselves. However, it is advisable to hire a real estate agent as it saves you time and money. They would help with preparing your home for the market, the professional photographs, listings, showings and managing the negotiations. 

A major drawback for several homeowners is the cost of hiring an agent. While there is always a commission fee, it is often within the range of 2.5% and 6% of the closing cost. There are also agents who have a fixed price for their work if you prefer. You could also make enquiries if there are discounts.

Sell My House Fast Saint Louis

Selling your house can be exciting especially if that happens fast. Cash home buyers such as Starting Point RE can help you work through the process in ensuring a fast sale of your house.