Real Estate can seem like an easy venture into investing your money, after all if you are able to keep the tenants happy they in return will be happy to pay the rent you ask and of course on time. The fact is it’s not at all easy and is worth a good amount of money to invest and a lot of patients and time to have that money work for you and grow a profit.

First you have to know that there are eight different types of real estate investment opportunities: residential, commercial, mix use, retail, mortgage lending, sale/leaseback transactions and industrial. You can also play the real estate trade on the stock exchange if you have a background working on the stock market. Each one has theiradvantages and to each his own preference. There are some pitfalls that many long time real estate investors’ worn beginners or those thinking of jumping into the real estate business. Treat this like a business is a key note to remember. Many folks think that they can buy a house for cheap and flip into an immediate property and that could happen but most of the time it is not that simple. Most experts say it takes five years to start really turning a profit in the business, so take the time and give it at least a year’s try before giving up. The other valuable lesson to learn is to make sure you have cash reserved. Cash flow is very important for any business especially in real estate.

Yes there is a lot to learn about real estate and one cannot learn the trade overnight but it is profitable and the experts that do it well have a ton of fun doing it. There are experts in the St. Louis and St. Charles area that can help you with any real estate questions or concerns because they have been successful at it for 15 years. Starting Point Real Estate’s staff has a tremendous work ethic and proven knowledge in real estate. Feel free to contact SPRE today!